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Brown & Brown , Inc.

The company that was to become Brown & Brown Insurance was founded in Daytona Beach in 1939 by two cousins, J. Adrian Brown and Charles Covington Owen. Under the direction of Adrian Brown’s son, Hyatt, a unique corporate culture has been created which values individual initiative and instills an inexorable “can do” attitude in its employees. Brown & Brown is acclaimed as,arguably, the most efficient operating platform in the insurance brokerage business, delivering high quality placement and service to a broad array of accounts. This, coupled with a precise, focused acquisition strategy helped Brown & Brown become one of the insurance industry’s most powerful and influential leaders. Today this “meritocracy” of decentralized profit centers is led by the third generation of Browns – J. Powell Brown – and operates throughout the United States, in England and Bermuda providing a variety of insurance products and services to general businesses, corporations, governmental and quasi-governmental institutions, professional organizations, trade associations, families and individuals.


Weible & Cahill, Brown & Brown of Illinois, Inc. started some 20 plus years ago as Weible & Company, LLC then grew to become W.P. Weible & Company, LLC & transitioned to Weible, Cahill & Company, LLC, and ended at Weible & Cahill (…there may have been a few in between). Even with the name changes, what has always remained a constant is our dedication to our clients. Over the years, the agency grew through great service, stellar employees and leaders that considered every team mate an “equal”. Our tireless leaders demanded a service oriented, professionally run business no matter what it took and held themselves to the same level of accountability. This environment & mindset provided a fantastic medium for and growth of the agency. Word amongst our clients and their business partners of our ability, service level & accountability spread quickly. Before we knew it, our namesake was synonymous with the Chicago, Il Construction market and we became the “go to” if you wanted the know how to insure your project & secure bonding in the Chicagoland area. Most of the staff at Weible & Cahill, Brown & Brown, Inc has a greater than 10-year tenure with most folks approaching or surpassing the 20-year mark. This shows how we attract and retain talent!


In 2005, Weible & Cahill, moved to the current office in Lisle, IL. The firm was also acquired by Brown & Brown in 2005. Brown & Brown’s decentralized business model was attractive to Weible & Cahill as it afforded us to operate in the same manner that had brought us such success while allowing us to take advantage of the far reach and influence and overall clout that the Brown & Brown, Inc name invoked. This helped broaden our overall reach by having access to the knowledge and expertise of hundreds of offices within the Brown & Brown team.

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