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Accident Investigation – The Six Key Questions

Accident Investigation – The Six Key Questions

Accident Investigation – The Six Key Questions

Question 1: WHO

  1. Who was injured? Who saw the accident?
  2. Who was working with him/her?
  3. Who had instructed/assigned him/her?
  4. Who else was involved?
  5. Who else can help prevent recurrence?

Question 2: WHAT

  1. What was the accident?
  2. What was the injury?
  3. What was he/she doing?
  4. What had he/she been told to do?
  5. What tools was he/she using?
  6. What machine was involved?
  7. What operations was he/she performing?
  8. What instructions had he/she been given?
  9. What specific precautions were necessary?
  10. What specific precautions was he/she given?  Did he/she use?
  11. What protective equipment was he/she using?
  12. What had other persons done that contributed to the accident?
  13. What problem or question did he/she encounter?
  14. What did he/she or witnesses do when accident occurred?
  15. What extenuating circumstances were involved?
  16. What did he/she or witnesses see?
  17. What will be done to prevent recurrence?
  18. What safety rules were violated?
  19. What new rules are needed?

Question 3: WHEN

  1. When did the accident occur?
  2. When did he/she start on that job?
  3. When was he/she assigned to the job?
  4. When were the hazards pointed out to him/her?
  5. When had his/her supervisor last checked on job progress?
  6. When did he/she first sense something was wrong?

Question 4: WHY

  1. Why was he/she injured?
  2. Why did he/she do what he/she did?
  3. Why did the other person do what he/she did?
  4. Why wasn’t protective equipment used?
  5. Why weren’t specific instructions given to him/her?
  6. Why was he/she in the position he/she was?
  7. Why was he/she using the tools or machine he/she used?
  8. Why didn’t he/she check with his/her supervisor when he/she noted things weren’t as they should be?
  9. Why did he/she continue working under the circumstances?
  10. Why wasn’t supervisor there at the time?

Question 5: WHERE

  1. Where did the accident occur?
  2. Where was he/she at the time?
  3. Where was the supervisor at the time?
  4. Where were co-workers at the time?
  5. Where were other people who were involved at the time?
  6. Where were witnesses when accident occurred?
  7. Where did the employee seek treatment?
  8. Was emergency response ie ambulance required?
  9. Is anyone aware of prior treatment or similar disability?

Question 6: HOW

  1. How did he/she get hurt?
  2. How could he/she have avoided it?
  3. How could co-workers have avoided it?
  4. Could supervisor have prevented it? How?