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It’s almost impossible to find a company that doesn’t utilize technology and the internet in the course of its business. Those tools make information processing and storage much easier and more efficient than they have ever been before.

The devices that we use – laptops, smartphones, tablet and more- allow us to do more business in more places around the world. However, the more we use technology, the more attractive that technology becomes to cyber criminals. Please note the list of the top threats predicted for 2018 below and a link to how we can prepare for them.

  • Kevin Downey “Top 5 cyberthreats of 2018 and how to prepare for them,” (Jan. 2, 2018).

In the past year we saw a number of massive cyberattacks from WannaCry to Locky. Unfortunately, 2018 is predicted to be even worse.

  • As cryptocurrency continues to gain value, cybercriminals will create more cryptojacking attacks. In these attacks, hackers install malware on computers to get users to unknowingly visit websites that generate cryptocurrency revenue for them.
  • Cybercriminals have attacked hospitals and shut down medical equipment like they did in the WannaCry ransomware attack. Hackers are likely to continue targeting hospitals this year.
  • Hackers will continue to use worms to spread ransom ware and other malware quickly from one infected computer to another.
  • Another a new trend to watch out for is cybercriminals forming real life gangs and threatening their victims with violence off the internet to obtain ransoms.
  • Finally, the trend of hackers taking advantage of vulnerabilities in anti-virus software is set to take off in 2018.

How can we train and prepare our employees and keep our devices secure in this ever growing ever changing environment of Cyber Threats? Click the “Contact Us” button on our home page and we  will happily share the training that every employee needs to see!