Brown & Brown of Illinois


Emergency Claims

Have a claim to file? Contact Stacey Elders aka “Stace”, our Claims Manager. Stacey serves as the main point of contact for all our personal and commercial insurance clients. She is responsible for direct oversight of any and all claims for our agency’s clients/insureds. Whether this is to report a new claim, need an update on an existing claim or when a scenario occurs that could potentially lead to a claim. She is an ever vigilant advocate on behalf of our clients, ensuring that the coverage that is purchased responds to their particular claim scenario in the manner in which it was intended. In addition, she assists with loss control, claim reviews, OSHA reporting, coordinate’s a team effort between the many parties that can be involved in any claim to provide the most cost effective, painless and speedy resolution. If you have a claim to report or discuss, please contact Stace directly, Call, Click or Text:

Outside of business hours, or if it is your preference you may contact the insurance carrier directly regarding claims.




Brown & Brown of Illinois works to collaborate with our clients and insurance carrier partners to understand the potential risks faced by our clients and help to reduce the possibility of losses. A loss/risk control program should help policyholders reduce claims, and insurance companies reduce losses through safety and risk management information and services. Loss/risk control in any organization is achieved through commitments of all personnel in the organization. It emphasizes safety procedures and practices, training and monitoring, and should a claim occur… making sure we are proactive vs. reactive and work as a team to a speedy resolution.

Claims management works to help clients:

  • Implementation of loss control policy
  • Assignment of duties and responsibilities
  • Review of claims data
  • Audits and inspections
  • Accident reporting and investigation
  • Communications Development and review of emergency and contingency plans
  • Minimizes losses of equipment and property while protecting assets
  • Minimize frequency and severity of accidents
  • Reduces expenditures of insurance claims
  • Minimizes interruptions of services provided to the public
  • Provides a safe environment for employees
  • Provides a resistance against claims of negligence